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Welcome to Infinite ∞ Blessings ✝


First and foremost, Infinite Blessing humble start was inspired by the Maker. It began with drying flowers to preserve their beauty. From their, adding crosses was a natural progression, symbolizes His mercy, grace, and sacrifice. 

Infinite Blessings is owned and operated by a career veteran. The CEO is an aspiring artist and fashion designer, whose works have been captured by many.  So, yes, we are both minority (by ethnicity and race) owned and women operated.

In simple terms, it is an uncle and his niece who make every product by hand.  Everything we design centers around simplicity.  Take our website as an example, it is simple and to the point.  We designed it knowing that each second of the 86,400 seconds in a day are finite and your time is of the essence.    


We just hope and pray you are inspired by our product. If not, no worries, we will try harder and keep at it until we meet your expectations. 

Please give us an opportunity to earn your business.  

Chetan Sawhney (the uncle)  and Fiza Lakhani (the niece). 


Shop Infinite Blessings 


IMG-6410 (1).jpg

$50.00 for most custom orders

$14.99 each 




  "Beautiful. Just beautiful." 

                -Mrs Debbie T

"I love the messages of conductivity, purity, and sacrifice.  I bought the black and gold one!"

                 - Aaron A.

"Breathe Taken, I ordered eight, one for each member of our family"

                 - Mr Londono

"Thank you so much for my Infinity sign and Cross, I love them! You guys did an awesome job on them. I really appreciate it. I can't wait to hang them up"

                             - Irais G

"This was by far the most thoughtful gift ever. It must have been the timing or maybe the circumstances, but it reconnected me to our lord and savior 

                  - Anonymous


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